Purpose & Mission

Our reason, our drive

Veritas Academy equips students to lead with clarity and virtue through a classical Christian education. Through its unique program, Veritas Academy seeks to accomplish the following distinct goal:

"Graduate engaged citizens who are thoroughly equipped for moral contribution."

To achieve this goal, Veritas is committed to the following objectives:

    1. Careful selection process based on aptitude for leadership and learning (Daniel 1:4).
    2. Instruct in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.
    3. Maintain small class sizes for increased learning (max 15 students per class).
    4. Apply pedagogy-driven technology while cultivating wisdom and virtue.
    5. Teach Latin and expose students to the great books of Western civilization.
    6. Maintain accountability through accreditation.
    7. Uniform and dress code.

Veritas students will be set apart because they will:

    1. Possess concrete skills and knowledge to participate fully and effectively in society.
    2. Uphold a standard of excellence.
    3. Emulate the moral virtues of heroes and heroines.
      A true classical, liberal, civic education recognizes with Lincoln that if we know where we are, by knowing where we have been, we shall then know “whither we are tending.” (A Classical Education for Modern Times, Terrence O. Moore)