Come, let us rebuild... (Nehemiah 2:17)

Students at Veritas Academy are being intentionally prepared to lead with clarity and virtue. As an independent, classical Christian school that is not subsidized by any church, government, or religious organization, we have worked hard from very humble beginnings. We are on an earnest quest for excellence to equip young people with an exceptional education that will transform our world, beginning in Chisago County. Veritas Academy must acquire all funds for operations and capital improvements through tuition and fees, annual charitable contributions, and occasional capital campaigns. We follow the Independent School Financial Model where charitable giving finances enhancements to student and teacher programs. Our funding opportunities fall in four main categories:

Teacher Endowment Fund

Quality teachers build quality programs. To ensure the right teachers are retained, an endowment fund is needed. The fund will provide for faculty development and compensation that won’t depend on economic ups and downs from year to year. Multi-year plans depend on investment income to provide lasting support.  Securing the future means BUILDING a Teacher Endowment Fund.

Build our Teacher Endowment Fund

Capital Fund
Although we are blessed with a 17,000-square foot building and 10 acres of land, there is need for expansion to add classrooms and extracurricular facilities. Quality programs require an investment in opportunities for students to engage in athletics, music and the arts, a library collection and the right technology infrastructure. Donations are BUILDING tangibly for Veritas Academy’s future.
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Instructional Fund

Quality teaching and learning materials, equipment and technology are the core of what quality teachers need to make a difference in students’ education. From science lab equipment to classroom resources, our Veritas Curriculum and Teacher Resource Center are key to our growth. Help us reach a wider audience by BUILDING a richer instructional resource base.

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Scholarship Fund
Doing without government funding is a financial sacrifice for both the school and our students. It means that although Veritas Academy charges one of the lowest private school tuition rates around, scholarships are still necessary for many students.  More than 50% of our students are scholarship recipients, which means that faculty, staff, and other donors make sacrifices to ensure that every student who desires to attend Veritas Academy can do so. Automatic deposits feed into a pool which keeps these scholarships funded. Signing up for a monthly donation is a way of BUILDING the Scholarship Fund.
Build our Scholarship Fund

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