History of

The Academy

Veritas Academy offers a high rigor learning experience for students. In addition, faith is not separate from education, but an integral part of all academic inquiry. The distinctive goal is to develop engaged citizens who are thoroughly equipped for moral contribution. This is accomplished through the careful selection of students who demonstrate a strong aptitude for every kind of learning, and are well informed, quick to understand, and ready to undertake the rigorous training that will equip them for future leadership (Daniel 1:4).

During the grammar years (K-5th grade), we focus our attention on the building blocks of knowledge acquisition. Through engaging strategies that tap into the child's natural enjoyment of memorization, rhythmic verse and chants, students master important basics that can be retained for a lifetime. As they enter the middle school years, formal logic, logical fallacies and reasoning skills are taught to develop critical thinking. Students also become aware that leadership is a mindset that is cultivated through the practice of making right decisions and a willingness to stand alone. Middle school and high school students have a unique opportunity to fine-tune their leadership skills through specialized training and service. By the time they enter high school, formal rhetoric and digital rhetoric are taught to help them communicate persuasively within the verbal, written and digital realms.

Our creation story

Founder Susie Brooks is an internationally recognized innovative educator with a demonstrated history of leveraging emerging technologies to improve, engage and educate. While she has a doctorate in education, and a masters degree in curriculum and instruction, with a science education focus, she believes that having experienced learning in three different continents gives her a better perspective on what really matters in student learning. But her greatest passion is to participate in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by inspiring others to pursue spiritual maturity, spiritual reproduction and spiritual parenting.

Recognizing the need

The essence of education should encompass goals that lead to the ultimate good for the whole society. Basic schooling must do everything it can to make good citizens who are able to perform the duties of citizenship with all the trained intelligence that each is able to perform. However, good is not good enough. For the Christian educator, there is only one standard for goodness. And our society has moved away from this standard, and as a result, we are severely broken.

There is a need for us to intervene in the brokenness of our society. Like Nehemiah in the Old Testament, Susie hears the cry of God's people that the walls of our nation are broken down and the gates have been burned with fire (Nehemiah 1:3). Veritas will continually seek men and women who are equipped through education and discipleship to help fulfill this mission of rebuilding our broken walls.

The Veritas solution

The key to solving problems is understanding the need and being qualified to provide the solution. Isaiah 6:8 shows a clear response to the need from God's perspective: "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?' And I said 'Here am I. Send me.'" Prepared through life and education, Susie knows that her vision for Veritas is the culmination of years of careful preparation by God's own righteous hand that brought her from Africa, to Europe and now the US. The common need in all the places she has travelled is for leaders who value morality, integrity, and responsibility. By enlisting like-minded men and women through board selection and hiring of staff and faculty, the goal for Veritas is to entrust to students what we have learned so they too can become qualified to lead others. Veritas graduates will not only be recognized by their academic distinction, but most importantly, by their understanding of the great commission and their calling to be disciple-makers wherever they are placed. By going back to the basics of the obedient Christian in action, Veritas' master plan will demonstrate an understanding of the times by applying innovation, building safety, and challenging expectations on a daily basis.