Beauty in the Grammar Years

by Jodi Johnson, Early Childhood

Our overall mission at Veritas is to establish and equip the next generation to lead with clarity and virtue. Our classical methods and content teach students from kindergarten to 12th grade to think clearly, cultivate wisdom and understanding, and eventually become mature adults who value truth, acknowledge God’s beauty, and do good. Well known scholar, author and speaker Dr. Christopher Perrin states that classical educators have always emphasized the importance of mastering the masters. Believing that there are real standards of beauty, goodness and truth, they dared to pronounce some books good and some poor; they even went so far (over time) as to conclude some books the very best. In the old sense of the word, they were discriminating. If this is the case, how does one effectively help others to acknowledge God’s standard of beauty? And, can we teach others to be pursuers and creators of that which is highly beautiful?

As a kindergarten teacher, I learn to celebrate beauty in the everyday things. Beauty is coming to school and bringing a beautiful lunch box with beautiful snacks. I marvel at the students choices as they show me carrots and apple juice, sandwiches and cookies. We celebrate the shapes and colors of food while we compare them to geometrical patterns in their math books. As they meet new friends, we learn about the beauty of rules and how they help maintain order and structure that supports community. We discover the world around us and the tiny part our school building plays in educating us about God’s big world.

Beauty is seeing how God created the world, and our art work gives us a sense of appreciation for creating as we experiment with colors, textures and shapes. We make beautiful displays that tell the story of our Creator and how we fit into His beautiful world that He created in the beginning of time as we know it! We bring our baby pictures to school and create timelines that help us understand history.

Beauty is singing and listening, reciting and asking, discovering and watching, and even waiting. We love singing about what we are learning. From mammals, months, seasons, to math, and history! We have learned to recite poems and stories, chants and answers.

Beauty is learning that there are 26 letters, upper case and lower case, 5 vowels and the other consonants, the first 30 phonograms, holding our pencil correctly, learning to blend sounds and starting to read! We may not understand that syntax, structure and vocabulary will eventually lead to the eloquence and beauty of language and that if we use it effectively, we can persuade others towards goodness, but we love the sounds of vowels and love the things we write.

Beauty is playing, imagining, laughing together, and learning. Beauty is seeing math all around us in shapes, patterns, time and money. It’s a beautiful thing when you can count to 100.

As the teacher, I see beauty in their learning when their eyes sparkle, or when they make a new discovery. I celebrate with them when they become more independent and when they see beauty for themselves.

Kindergarten is a wonderful place to prepare children for their learning in the future.

What Everyone Is Saying About Veritas

Veritas is a beautiful classical school. Leadership goes above and beyond for ALL students. Every child’s needs are met as they are taught and built up within a classical model. Students are not just taught but immersed in a Biblical worldview. Foundational Biblical principles are integrated into all the subjects across all grades. Transition from other educational models is seamlessly supported. Staff and teachers are proactive and caring to the smallest detail. Education at Veritas, where students are nurtured into emotional and spiritual maturity while maintaining the academic rigor of classical education, is a gift that will follow your child all the days of their life.

Parent of 4 Veritas Students

When it comes to education from the heart, our family trusts Veritas. We don’t have to worry that our child is lost in the curve because she’s getting what feels like an individualized education, which puts her ahead of it!

Parent of Kindergarten Student

Veritas Academy prepared my child for college. At 16, he is already making an impression at the university where he is in the dual enrollment program. His biology professor said his papers are some of the best first time college papers she has ever seen. That is because Veritas prepares students well.

Parent of a High School Junior

When it came time to enroll our child in school, our family was torn. Do we do what everyone else does just because it is the norm? We knew a class of 20 plus students was not going to be a good fit for our child. Would the teacher love our child as we do? Is it possible to truly know a child when there are so many children and so much to do? These were just some of the questions we didn’t have answers to. Then we found Veritas Academy. Class sizes were small, instruction was differentiated to the individual students, and there were no barriers. If the class finished the Kindergarten curriculum they could move onto first grade curriculum.  Students would learn so much!  Rhetoric, Latin, the arts, GOD. We want the best life for our child. A best life starts with a strong foundation. Veritas Academy is that foundation. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to choose Veritas.

Parent of Kindergarten Student

When my children started school at Veritas Academy, they were 3 1/2  and 5 1/2 years old. The school recognized my children’s abilities right away, and taught them at their skill level instead of their ages. Today, my 8 year old is taking 5th grade math and my 10 year old is taking pre-algebra. And the school doesn’t stop at that. During the summer months, they assign reading and math summer work for students who choose to do extra work. My children love this, and their teachers meet with them to go over the problems. Because of the school’s commitment to students,  my children are motivated to learn because they are challenged at their skill level instead of being held back due to their ages.

Parents of 2 Veritas Students

My daughter joined Veritas Academy in 9th grade, after a rather difficult time at her previous school. After her first year, she had this to say: “The minute I walked through the doors of Veritas, I knew things would be different this time. I don’t have to worry about bullying here. We are all like a family. The teachers truly and honestly care about us. There has not been one day that I’m not happy to be here. My brother and I were given the chance to be a part of the best educations there is. And Mrs, and Mr. Brooks made that possible. I would repeat all of the twisty turns and endure all of the cracks on my path all over again if I had to. I finally found my dream school.” She will be graduating from Veritas this Spring.

Parent of a High School Senior