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Quest for Excellence

Students at Veritas Academy are being intentionally prepared to lead with clarity and virtue. As an independent, classical Christian school that is not subsidized by any church, government, or religious organization, we have worked hard from very humble beginnings. We are on an earnest quest for excellence to equip young people with an exceptional education that will transform our world, beginning in Chisago County. Veritas Academy must acquire all funds for operations and capital improvements through tuition and fees, annual charitable contributions, and occasional capital campaigns. We follow the Independent School Financial Model where charitable giving finances enhancements to student and teacher programs.

Opportunities for Partnership

Teacher Endowment Fund

Quality teachers build quality programs. To ensure the right teachers are retained, an endowment fund is needed. The fund will provide for faculty development and compensation that won’t depend on economic ups and downs from year to year. Multi-year plans depend on investment income to provide lasting support. Securing the future means BUILDING a Teacher Endowment Fund.

Build our Teacher Endowment Fund

Capital Fund

Veritas Academy is in the process of acquiring a building that will enable us to fulfill our long term dream of enrolling students from all over the world. With occupancy set for June 1, 2020, the new 100,000 sf building on 15+ acres of land will have the capacity to house up to 90 boarding students. With an onsite medical clinic, parents will rest assured that any necessary health concerns will be addressed immediately. This new prime location has high visibility and easy access for domestic students. Donations are BUILDING tangibly for Veritas Academy’s future.

Build our Capital Fund

Instructional Fund

Quality teaching and learning materials, equipment and technology are the core of what quality teachers need to make a difference in students’ education. From science lab equipment to classroom resources, our Veritas Curriculum and Teacher Resource Center are key to our growth. Help us reach a wider audience by BUILDING a richer instructional resource base.

Build our Instructional Fund

Scholarship Fund

Doing without government funding is a financial sacrifice for both the school and our students. It means that although Veritas Academy charges one of the lowest private school tuition rates around, scholarships are still necessary for many students. More than 50% of our students are scholarship recipients, which means that faculty, staff, and other donors make sacrifices to ensure that every student who desires to attend Veritas Academy can do so. Automatic deposits feed into a pool which keeps these scholarships funded. Signing up for a monthly donation is a way of BUILDING the Scholarship Fund.

Build our Scholarship Fund

Thank you for supporting Veritas Academy! We appreciate your partnership with us.

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Veritas Academy
Quest for Excellence Fund
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Veritas Academy is registered as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent of tax law.

What Everyone Is Saying About Veritas

Veritas is a beautiful classical school. Leadership goes above and beyond for ALL students. Every child’s needs are met as they are taught and built up within a classical model. Students are not just taught but immersed in a Biblical worldview. Foundational Biblical principles are integrated into all the subjects across all grades. Transition from other educational models is seamlessly supported. Staff and teachers are proactive and caring to the smallest detail. Education at Veritas, where students are nurtured into emotional and spiritual maturity while maintaining the academic rigor of classical education, is a gift that will follow your child all the days of their life.

Parent of 4 Veritas Students

When it comes to education from the heart, our family trusts Veritas. We don’t have to worry that our child is lost in the curve because she’s getting what feels like an individualized education, which puts her ahead of it!

Parent of Kindergarten Student

Veritas Academy prepared my child for college. At 16, he is already making an impression at the university where he is in the dual enrollment program. His biology professor said his papers are some of the best first time college papers she has ever seen. That is because Veritas prepares students well.

Parent of a High School Junior

When it came time to enroll our child in school, our family was torn. Do we do what everyone else does just because it is the norm? We knew a class of 20 plus students was not going to be a good fit for our child. Would the teacher love our child as we do? Is it possible to truly know a child when there are so many children and so much to do? These were just some of the questions we didn’t have answers to. Then we found Veritas Academy. Class sizes were small, instruction was differentiated to the individual students, and there were no barriers. If the class finished the Kindergarten curriculum they could move onto first grade curriculum.  Students would learn so much!  Rhetoric, Latin, the arts, GOD. We want the best life for our child. A best life starts with a strong foundation. Veritas Academy is that foundation. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to choose Veritas.

Parent of Kindergarten Student

When my children started school at Veritas Academy, they were 3 1/2  and 5 1/2 years old. The school recognized my children’s abilities right away, and taught them at their skill level instead of their ages. Today, my 8 year old is taking 5th grade math and my 10 year old is taking pre-algebra. And the school doesn’t stop at that. During the summer months, they assign reading and math summer work for students who choose to do extra work. My children love this, and their teachers meet with them to go over the problems. Because of the school’s commitment to students,  my children are motivated to learn because they are challenged at their skill level instead of being held back due to their ages.

Parents of 2 Veritas Students

My daughter joined Veritas Academy in 9th grade, after a rather difficult time at her previous school. After her first year, she had this to say: “The minute I walked through the doors of Veritas, I knew things would be different this time. I don’t have to worry about bullying here. We are all like a family. The teachers truly and honestly care about us. There has not been one day that I’m not happy to be here. My brother and I were given the chance to be a part of the best educations there is. And Mrs, and Mr. Brooks made that possible. I would repeat all of the twisty turns and endure all of the cracks on my path all over again if I had to. I finally found my dream school.” She will be graduating from Veritas this Spring.

Parent of a High School Senior