Affording Veritas Academy

One investment… a lifetime of benefits

Veritas Academy is committed to making its education accessible to families with a wide range of financial circumstances. This is why we offer Indexed Tuition, whereby tuition rates are customized according to each family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. To determine your family’s personalized *estimated tuition, please use the calculator below.

*Please note that the amount shown is an estimate only. The tuition calculator is based on a family of 4 with one child attending. To calculate your estimated tuition with more than one child attending, please contact the enrollment office at 651.462.3894.

There are many factors that go into determining a family’s tuition level, including availability of funds. Additional factors are considered when evaluating a family’s ability to pay, including but not limited to family size, the number of children attending tuition charging schools, and assets and liabilities not reflected in household income. Our Grant & Aid Assessment process reviews a family’s resources and expenses to determine the Calculated Need. All families must apply through FACTS. Click to apply.


Small Class Sizes

The Veritas Academy small class sizes translate to fewer interruptions, more time for instruction and the opportunity for teachers to get to know each student as an individual. Learn more.

Caring Teachers

Showing students we care about them helps us create a supportive environment where learning can flourish. Students learn very quickly that their teachers care about them. Learn more.

Christian Values

Our biblical values are foundational and are instrumental in training students to be good, loving and disciplined students with emphasis on growing in the knowledge of the Lord. Learn more.