Arts Defined

“The kind of world God made is a model of what artists should strive to make and what all people should delight in.” vs “Art for art’s sake!”

By “art” we mean the renderings, two- and three-dimensional, produced by people using painting, drawing, and sculpting tools. Music, drama, dancing, and other fine arts help us train capable worshipers of the Holy Triune God. We are not simply mastering material for a fabulous performance.

The two quotes above illustrate two of the most frequent battle cries from opposing sides in the philosophy-of-art war. The second quote has its roots in the Enlightenment period in Europe. After man became “the measure of all things” in the Renaissance, it was a small step to all that man does or makes becoming autonomous from any Higher authority at all.


Biblical Worldview

Scriptures like I Corinthians 10:31 teach us that nothing we do is out of God’s sovereignty; all we do should be to His glory. The arts are certainly no exception then. When the Lord talks about art in His Word, it is always in the context of skilled craftsmen, or those gifted in design work (see the tabernacle construction account in Leviticus). In Philippians 4:8, we are commanded to dwell on things of beauty and integrity. Therefore, the arts can and should be taught to young children initially in the form of basic skills – using the whole page, correctly holding the pencil and brush, studying and practicing perspective, mixing colors, and other universal artistic elements.

Our Methods

At Veritas, we seek to systematically train the elementary students in the requisite skills for art and complete art projects that combine skills, practice with copying from another picture, still life or design. The study of music provides opportunities for students to explore the gifts that God has given them. A broad base of introductory knowledge at the grammar stage helps all students to determine their likes and dislikes, and guides their future elective studies. Participation in musical performances provides an opportunity to offer the fruit of those gifts back, either as worship to the Lord or enjoyment for the Christian community. A student may also learn that God has not gifted them in this area of music. This provides the student with an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the talents God gives his friends and to support them in their endeavors.

In a Christian setting, there is even less excuse than in a pagan setting for doing a poor job instructing students in art. After all, by imitating and relishing the Creation through art, we show tangible praise for what our Father has done. What a great lesson to teach children!

Small Class Sizes

The Veritas Academy small class sizes translate to fewer interruptions, more time for instruction and the opportunity for teachers to get to know each student as an individual. Learn more.

Caring Teachers

Showing students we care about them helps us create a supportive environment where learning can flourish. Students learn very quickly that their teachers care about them. Learn more.

Christian Values

Our biblical values are foundational and are instrumental in training students to be good, loving and disciplined students with emphasis on growing in the knowledge of the Lord. Learn more.

Academic Acceleration

We place students according to their ability, not age. Children who are bright often display signs that they need more from their educational situation. Learn more.

What Everyone Is Saying About Veritas

Veritas is a beautiful classical school. Leadership goes above and beyond for ALL students. Every child’s needs are met as they are taught and built up within a classical model. Students are not just taught but immersed in a Biblical worldview. Foundational Biblical principles are integrated into all the subjects across all grades. Transition from other educational models is seamlessly supported. Staff and teachers are proactive and caring to the smallest detail. Education at Veritas, where students are nurtured into emotional and spiritual maturity while maintaining the academic rigor of classical education, is a gift that will follow your child all the days of their life.

Parent of 4 Veritas Students

When it comes to education from the heart, our family trusts Veritas. We don’t have to worry that our child is lost in the curve because she’s getting what feels like an individualized education, which puts her ahead of it!

Parent of Kindergarten Student

Veritas Academy prepared my child for college. At 16, he is already making an impression at the university where he is in the dual enrollment program. His biology professor said his papers are some of the best first time college papers she has ever seen. That is because Veritas prepares students well.

Parent of a High School Junior

When it came time to enroll our child in school, our family was torn. Do we do what everyone else does just because it is the norm? We knew a class of 20 plus students was not going to be a good fit for our child. Would the teacher love our child as we do? Is it possible to truly know a child when there are so many children and so much to do? These were just some of the questions we didn’t have answers to. Then we found Veritas Academy. Class sizes were small, instruction was differentiated to the individual students, and there were no barriers. If the class finished