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Why Classical Schools Don’t Cancel Homer

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Why Classical Schools Don't Cancel Home by Patience Griswold, Blogger and Social Media Specialist In schools and Zoom classrooms [Read More]

Till We Have Faces

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Till We Have Faces by Susie Brooks, Founder and President "How can [the gods] meet us face to face [Read More]

A Hurting World

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A Hurting World by Susie Brooks, Founder and President 2020 will be remembered as the year when everything that [Read More]

Tell Me a Story: Using Tolkien to Teach Character

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Tell Me a Story: Using Tolkien to Teach Character by Patience Griswold, US Government and Public Speaking Around the [Read More]

Taking Ownership

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Taking Ownership by Tonya Erickson, Student Support Services Like many schools, Veritas has a set of virtues that guide [Read More]

Beauty in the Grammar Years

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Beauty in the Grammar Years by Jodi Johnson, Early Childhood Our overall mission at Veritas is to establish and [Read More]

Small Class Sizes

The Veritas Academy small class sizes translate to fewer interruptions, more time for instruction and the opportunity for teachers to get to know each student as an individual. Learn more.

Caring Teachers

Showing students we care about them helps us create a supportive environment where learning can flourish. Students learn very quickly that their teachers care about them. Learn more.

Christian Values

Our biblical values are foundational and are instrumental in training students to be good, loving and disciplined students with emphasis on growing in the knowledge of the Lord. Learn more.

Academic Acceleration

We place students according to their ability, not age. Children who are bright often display signs that they need more from their educational situation. Learn more.